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YouTube Music won’t show you music videos, provide on-demand music without Premium subscription

Image: Reuters

YouTube earlier this month announced the introduction of a free tier of its music subscription service, YouTube Music. The new tier will be available to users in Canada starting November 3. At the time, there was no word on rolling out this free tier plan to other markets. A few days after this announcement, YouTube is bringing a new update to its music subscription service. The company has announced that users without a premium subscription will no longer be able to play videos. The company is bringing new features that will remain exclusive to YouTube Premium or YouTube Music Premium subscribers.

In his blog postGoogle said certain features like on-demand music selection and unlimited skips will remain exclusive to its Premium subscribers. The blog post further states that premium users will continue to watch videos on YouTube Music and enjoy audio/video streaming on the service without any ads.

YouTube Music Free Tier Features

Free tier members can play music in the background and explore songs/playlists, for free. However, they won’t be able to watch any more videos until they subscribe to YouTube Music or YouTube Premium. Users of the free tier will still be able to access mood mixes for various activities such as working out, commuting and more. Additionally, YouTube will also allow these users to randomly play custom mixes that are made for them.

The changes will take effect from November 3 in Canada. Google is currently working on the plan to roll out the new changes for global markets and will announce the timeline in the coming days.

The changes come less than a week after Apple announced its entry-level Apple Music Voice Plan, which uses Siri to play songs on the music streaming service. Priced at Rs 49 per month, the Apple Music Voice plan is the most affordable Apple Music plan from Apple in India.

Amazon also announced a price hike of up to 50% on its Prime subscription. Users will soon have to pay Rs 1,499 per year to sign up for Prime membership. The subscription includes Amazon Music, Prime Video, a one-day delivery option, and more.

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