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FROM LARGE ROOMS to intimate spaces, live band music plays a key role in the lifeline of the entertainment value chain.

Like The Compozers or Alternate Sound, Rwanda has similar groups which include the art of musical arrangement and performing arts.

The New Times examines some of the best live music groups in Rwanda based on their musical creativity, great gigs, and collaboration with popular musicians.

Symphony Orchestra

Created in 2016, Symphony Band, made up of the Nyundo School of Art and Music, did it all in a short period of time. The group boasts some of the best instrumentalists such as Etienne Niyontezeho, Frank Mugisha, Fabrice Irakora, Joachim Mugengakamere and Taylor Lukongo Ngoli, making them one of the best groups in town considering how well their performances are being applauded in bars and concerts. where they play.

Up-and-coming singer Ariel Ways was also part of the group before going solo.

They have performed in some of the biggest events in the country, such as the East African Party, the Kwita Izina concert conducted by American singer Ne-Yo, and the Iwacu Muzika festival, among others.

The symphony group is also known to perform for top Rwandan musicians such as Bruce Melodie, Platini P and Masamba Intore.

Neptunez Band

Neptunez was established in 2014 to provide a fusion of truly authentic local tunes with a global, golden touch by talent scout Remmy Lubega with the help of Enoch Rwagasana. The group was originally created on a seven-piece setup, hence the name Neptunez, denoting music from another planet. Neptunez is positioned as an urban professional live band that was lacking in the Rwandan live music scene. The centerpiece of Neptunez is an instrument known as the saxophone.

This is also the team behind a local jazz event brand known as Kigali Jazz Junction (KJJ), which has hosted one of the great living musicians like Seyi Shay from Nigeria, Kidumu Kibido from Burundi and Jidena the United States.

J360 band

J360 is a renowned gospel group, with one of the best players and instrument producers in Rwanda and throughout the East African region. With guitarists like Arsene Nimpagaritse and Arnaud Gasige, J360 has made a name for himself playing for some of the best gospel artists including Aime Uwimana, Serge Rugamba and Israel Mbonyi.

The group is also known to host a gospel show that normally takes place at the Hôtel des Mille Collines every Tuesday.

Kesho Band

The group’s name is derived from a Kiswahili word which means tomorrow. He was formed in 2012 by one of Rwanda’s most powerful artists, Martin Maniraruta, aka Mani Martin. The group is made up of six members; drummer Jaymo, percussionist Joshua, guitarists Clement and Ras Kayaga, bassist Sam and Mani Martin, singer and producer. The group records and performs with Mani Martin during their tours both at home and abroad.

The group Kesho is also behind one of the greatest songs ever produced in Rwanda, ‘Destiny’ by Mani Martin.

Live music group

Umurage band is a renowned group of seven people including Victor Bass, Bienvenue Nkunzimana the drummer, Ngabo Evode and others. It all started with an idea born out of a talent competition called AFRIFRAMEVOX. Its goal is to bring good music to the Rwandan community.

Umurage Live Band is also known to perform for some of the best Rwandan musicians like the hit maker ‘Dede’ Davis D.

He is also known to beat many other groups in the Battle of the Groups, an event that took place at the Kigali Marriott hotel.

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