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Top 20 Facebook Music Apps


With Facebook maturing as an app platform, we felt it was time to take a look at it from a music app, especially because Facebook and apps share an important similarity.

Facebook is basically a big, user-friendly, private version of the Internet. Likewise, apps are small walled gardens where you can stream music without worrying about DRM, play Scrabble with only your friends, control music played in bars, and more.

Facebook and apps are a perfect marriage with its own commerce engine (Facebook credits) and ready networks of friends, who are just waiting to interact with each other. Perhaps the most compelling sign that Facebook is a true app platform: Angry Birds is coming.

Yet Facebook apps differ from mobile apps in that they tend to be designed to share music and videos with friends, rather than listening to music on your own.

Here are some other features that we noticed among the 20 most popular Facebook apps listed in the table below:

  • Display your favorite songs on your own page

  • Connection with bands

  • Receive “push” information (tour dates, audio releases, video releases)

  • Embed audio or video playback of an entire track into a news feed (which you can also do by just pasting a YouTube URL, no app required)

Here are the 20 most popular Facebook apps, along with their official descriptions and monthly count of unique users, according to official Facebook rankings:

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| Name / Link| Official Description| Monthly active users

| BandPage (RootMusic) | BandPage allows bands to create a personalized hub with their tour schedule, music, photos, Twitter, and wall all in one place. | 18.5 million

| My Band: Profile Pages for Bands and Musicians (ReverbNation) | I am a group? Add a group profile to your fan page or your personal page. Unlimited songs, photos, member information, program schedule and “join the mailing list” feature. Fans can add / share music, purchase tracks or tickets. Statistics to keep track of everything. | 6 million

| Spotify | Connect with your friends on Spotify. | 2.2 million

| Music (iLike) | Add a music tab to your profile. Receive personalized concert alerts. Create and share playlists. Discover and share new music and free MP3s. And prove that you are a musical genius: play the iLike challenge. | 1.5 million

| Bandsintown | Bandsintown is an app for live music fans and artists. Be the first to know when your favorite bands are coming to town, and if you’re an artist, easily post tour information and upcoming tickets on Facebook. | 1.4 million

| YouTube video box | Share your favorite videos on your profile and Facebook pages. Easily find videos, add them to your favorites and share them with your friends. Additional features include viewing your friends’ favorite videos and syncing your account. | 850K


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