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The Topeka teenager posts her music on three popular music apps around the world

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -Natalie Gish is a double threat on stage.

Her ability to sing and dance brought her to Chicago, where she had the opportunity of a lifetime.

“Recording music and writing songs and it was really fun because I love performing and I love being on stage, but it was really cool to be behind the scenes and see what it’s like. to get into the musical part,” says Gish.

Since then, Natalie has released a heartfelt debut album for the world to hear.

“All the songs were just personal to me and I feel like they have a deeper meaning to everyone and you can like to take them in any way you can, but they’re all about moving on. thing because at that time I was going through a lot of changes and I had to learn those lessons.

Gish explained that she started writing her music before COVID, then had to find a way to finish her songs once the pandemic hit.

“I reached out to Aaron Moses who was in Nashville and also Tom Michael this year who was also in Nashville and that’s how we wrote the songs and we did it via Zoom which was cool just so we could get together. connect with people who were miles away and do it in the space of an hour or a week,” she said.

She says the opportunities in Topeka helped her realize that performing was her calling.

“I used to do a school consortium at my old school so it was really fun, I got to go to Rome and sing for the pope too. Then I also did theater at the Topeka Civic Theater, I was in Mary Poppins, I was Jane Banks and Little Cosette, and a few other roles, so it really helped me relax on stage, and that’s how I knew I loved to play,” Gish said.

You can find Gish’s songs on Apple Music, Spotify and iTunes.

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