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The most underrated music groups this season


However, with the rise of independent artists and cafes supporting musical concerts, a brewing cult of quirky music lovers is emerging. Today, being International Unofficial Music Day, BW Businessworld brings you a series of five underrated bands this monsoon season.

  • Cigarettes after sex – Cigarettes After Sex is more of an emotion than a band name, CAS is a quirky band that won’t sync with a typical Arijit Singh fan. Soft, numb, soulful, with lyrics that will sync directly with your unresolved emotions. An American ambient pop music group led by Greg Gonzalez. Music with echoing guitars and softly tapped drums supported by ambient synth washes helps you manage your sleep anxiety.

Best Track – Nothing’s gonna hurt you baby

  • Night sun – Not your typical “band” for example, Nocturnal Sunshine is a music producer and the baby of DJ Maya Jane Coles. The tracks are quirky with the kind of weird videos that kind of back up every word. Tappy beats, and a hypnotic music chain is likely to obsess over the tracks and get tangled up. The music is scary and captivating, gives you what you want the first time you listen to it but leaves you begging for more.

Best Track – Believe ft Chelou

  • Bilderbuch – An Austrian rock band formed in 2005, has somehow escaped the playlist of Indian music lovers for too long. Yes, there is a language barrier, but the bouncy guitar, foot percussion and slow tempo of the music are definitely worth a look. Builderbuch (meaning Picture Book in English) proves that music has no language.

Best Title – Spliff

  • Angus and Julius Stone – Angus & Julia Stone are a brother-sister Australian folk and Indian pop group that debuted in 2006. The brother-sister duo drag you into a hypnotic trans, with their heartwarming lyrics. After a long day at work, come home to a dimly lit bedroom, mellow bass speakers, and a dose of lyrical gaff to get ready for the perfect nighttime trip.

Best Track – Big Jet Plane

  • Hang heavily – A totally new concept for Indian music lovers, Hang Mass has a unique style of music based on the Hang. The sound of this magical instrument is central to the group’s theme. Hang Massive is a revolutionary act in the expanding world of hang-based musicians. With nearly 20 million views on YouTube, an incredible new live album, and many exciting new projects on the way, Hang Massive had their first successful concert in India at Antisocial New Delhi, which was highly regarded by Delhiites. It certainly has a way to go with the mellow hanging drum and a soberly elevated journey on music for a cult of quirky music lovers in India.

Best Track – Again


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