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The difference between YouTube and YouTube Music apps


With the recent launch of YouTube Music, we now have four different YouTube apps. YouTube has grown so big – full of cat videos, music, let’s play, vlogs, comedy, and more – it’s hard to find the specific videos you want.

YouTube decided to create individual apps dedicated to its popular genres of video, music, games, and kids, while keeping the core apps. All apps are free, but with a $ 10 monthly subscription to YouTube Red, you’ll get rid of the ads and unlock some special extra features, which I’ll describe below. And don’t forget that YouTube Red and Google Play Music subscriptions are interchangeable, so if you pay for one service, you get both.

Each app has its own tips and tools for the best experience. Let’s break down the differences and why you would want to use each.

You probably know everything about YouTube, the online hosting site with millions of videos from all sides. The YouTube app allows you to watch these videos from a computer on your phone, tablet or TV.

The app focuses almost entirely on subscriptions and suggestions. The more you watch, the more recommendations you’ll get for relevant or related videos that YouTube thinks you’ll like. If you’re a subscriber to a channel, updates and new downloads appear in a dedicated tab, where you can easily follow your favorite YouTube creators and personalities.

The search tool helps you find any of the millions of videos uploaded to the service, and you can narrow down your results by upload date, video quality, duration and more, but not by content type. This means that you will get many different types of results for each search.

YouTube offers millions of free videos, and you can also buy or rent movies and TV show episodes through the app. These will cost more and the price will vary depending on the title.

With a YouTube Red subscription, you can download videos to watch offline with iOS and Android apps, and listen to videos in the background while you do other things on your phone or turn off the screen.

The main YouTube application is the most widely available; you can use it on Android, iOS, Microsoft Xbox One, Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii U, Wii and 3DS, as well as many smart TVs.

Use this app to: General Purpose YouTube Viewing and Updating New Videos from Your Subscribed Channels

Youtube music
Launched in November, Music is YouTube’s latest app. It is completely dedicated to music, with video song playlists, song suggestions, and a dedicated music finder. All the videos in the app are music or somehow related to music, so you won’t have to dig through irrelevant videos to find what you want. Best of all, when you search for videos, you won’t see any non-music content, and the tags clearly highlight official music videos, fan videos, and audio-only results.

The app is split into three tabs for Recommended Videos, “YouTube Music Today” and Videos you liked. “YouTube Music today” is a really neat space that features popular music themed playlists, internationally trending songs and albums, catchy videos and more.

YouTube Music also includes music radio stations based on a particular artist or song, similar to Pandora. You can control the variety you’ll hear for a given station with a slider that controls the tracks. The application is attentive to your musical tastes to make suggestions and refine your stations automatically.

If you have a YouTube Red subscription, which the app gives you free for 14 days, you won’t see ads before videos or anywhere else in the app. Red also lets you treat YouTube like a music streaming service, where you can listen to videos in the background while you do other things on your phone or turn off the screen and put it in your pocket. You also get a personal offline mixtape, where YouTube selects the songs you’ve played and the tracks it thinks you’ll like and downloads them so you can play them anywhere. However, unlike a full-service music streaming service, you can’t create your own playlists or manually queue songs other than those currently playing.

Currently, YouTube Music is only available in the US for iOS and Android.

Use this app to: Listen to music, watch music videos and discover new songs, online and offline.[related-posts]

Other YouTube spin-off apps include YouTube Gaming which capitalizes on the trend of “let it play” videos and live broadcasts, and YouTube Kids which allows your kids to watch videos in a safer, kid-friendly part of YouTube.



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