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The battle for music apps has only gotten stronger as Spotify and YouTube Music add to your list of choices


Each new week sees the arrival of a new music streaming app in India. Well almost. The country’s audio streaming market has seen a lot of action lately with the twin launches of Spotify and Youtube music – two of the most visited music platforms in the world.

These joined Amazon Prime Music (which was launched in 2018), Apple Music (one of the first international entrants to India), Google Play Music, and a host of popular local services like Gaana, JioSaavn, Wynk, Hungama Music, etc. It’s a crowded market, no doubt, but maybe there is room for all of them. Or at least a few.

Audiences are at an all-time high, with streaming becoming second nature to Indian millennials. A 2018 report by IMI and the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry estimates that the the average Indian internet user spends 21.5 hours per week listening to music. The streaming music industry’s revenue tripled in 12 months to reach Rs 220 crore last year.

But, if you are a music listener, you are spoiled for choice, and sometimes confused too. Because after all, the most popular songs are available everywhere. How do you decide which service to choose? Which is the most profitable? Which one has the best audio quality? Which one has the largest music collection? Is there good Indian music out there? Are there regional tracks? Etc.

Your story lists india best music streaming apps at present.

Youtube music

The latest addition to the group, YouTube Music, has more than 100 million downloads worldwide. In India, YouTube is looking to leverage its existing user base – which is not only huge but also very engaged – to launch its music offering. In two days, it’s the Application n ° 1 in the “Music and audio” category of the Indian Play Store. Available as a premium service as well as an ad-supported service, YouTube Music comes with smart search and a background playback option that lets you switch between apps and run others. smartphone functions while listening to music. You can also download songs, videos, playlists, live concerts, etc., and play them offline. A monthly subscription starts at Rs 99. But, if you are a Google Play Music subscriber, a YouTube Music Premium subscription comes with it.

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Spotify debuted in India less than a month before YouTube Music arrived. In just a week, the world’s largest audio streaming service claimed to have crossed paths with one million users in India. Unlike YouTube, however, Spotify offers a bunch of subscription plans – yearly, semi-annually, quarterly, monthly, weekly, and even daily. You can start broadcasting at Rs 13 per day, and the monthly packs are available at Rs 119. But, if you go for an annual subscription (Rs 1,189), you technically pay Rs 99 per month (like YouTube Music). Spotify has deployed a catalog of more than 40 million songs and three billion playlists during launch. There are also podcasts, as well as city-based playlists and multilingual recommendations.


JioSaavn was the # 1 music app on the Indian Play Store until YouTube Music took over this week. Now it has come down to # 2. Born from a merger between JioMusic and Saavn – two of India’s most popular music streaming apps – JioSaavn combines the huge reach of Reliance Jio (more than 280 million users) with the extensive audio catalog of Saavn (a service available in 200 global markets). JioSaavn offers free ad-supported model, as well as subscription service (JioSaavn Pro) priced at Rs 99 per month. Reliance Jio users can also take advantage of a three-month free trial of the paid service, which contains over 45 million tracks in English, Hindi, and all major Indian languages. Quarterly (Rs 285) and half-yearly (Rs 550) plans are also available.


Gaana is India oldest music streaming service with over 100 million downloads. The Times-owned Internet service houses an enviable collection of Bollywood songs; you can just login through your facebook account to login. The FB connection proved popular with young users who could spy on their friends’ listening activity. However, there is an option to turn it off. Gaana also has a free and premium version (Gaana Plus). If non-paying users can access all the leads, they have to be content with ads and no offline mode. Paid subscribers, however, can enjoy HD quality songs, ad-free playback, and offline mode on up to five devices. Gaana Pro is priced at Rs 99 per month, and

Rs 999 per year – same as JioSaavn plans.

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Amazon Prime Music

Amazon bundles its music service with Prime subscriptions. Thus, non-paying users cannot access Amazon Prime Music at the price of Rs 999 per year (the cost of a Prime subscription). Users can benefit from a monthly Prime plan (Rs 129) also, and access Prime Music for 30 days. The service offers nonstop, ad-free music in over 10 languages ​​and houses a library of over 50 million songs. Among the global music streaming services, Amazon’s collection of Indian (non-Bollywood) music is significantly better. When it comes to Bollywood music, Prime Music faces stiff competition from Gaana, JioSaavn and now YouTube Music. However, being available by default for Amazon’s Global Prime user base, Prime Music has everything to gain in a price sensitive Indian market.

Wynk Music

Wynk Music is great if you are a Airtel user because you get it with your mobile plan each month. Non-Airtel users have to pay a monthly fee of Rs 99 on Android) and Rs 120 (on iOS) to enjoy Wynk Premium (the ad-free version of the service). Wynk, owned by Airtel, account over 50 million Android downloads, and is the # 4 music app on the Indian Play Store ahead of Amazon, Apple and Google music services. Wynk Music has a huge collection of popular songs in Hindi and English and allows users to play up to 100 songs per month for free. The app also focuses on sharing music with Wynk Direct which allows users to share songs with other Wynk listeners via WiFi.

Apple Music

Apple Music was the first international music service launched in India in 2015, at a time when Indians were not yet paying for content. “Streaming” was not a buzzword and the Apple label made the already premium service out of reach for most Indians. Add to that, the app was iOS only to begin with. It was later rolled out to Android and now has over 10 million downloads. In India, a The Apple Music monthly plan costs Rs 120 for individual users, and Rs 190 for family users. There are specials student plans also at Rs 60 per month. Apple isn’t revealing country-specific numbers, but its music service had 56 million paying subscribers worldwide at the end of 2018. If you’re a listener obsessed with the highest quality audio, then Apple Music is yours. best choice.

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