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Team Pokemon and Pop Stars for co-branded music videos, merchandise


Pokemon is celebrating its 25th anniversary and has brought in some music stars to help us feel really old.

As part of Project P25, “American Idol” pop star and judge Katy Perry just released a Pokemon-themed music video for the song “Electric,” which comes with a range of limited edition co-branded products. on the P25 Music project. the shop.

Other artists are also involved, such as Post Malone and J Balvin, who have also collaborated with McDonald’s.

It seems to be the way artists market and advertise themselves these days when they are not on tour. Co-branding opportunities allow them to stay relevant and in the public eye without having to sell the arenas or the best festival posters.

The idea of ​​the set of merchandise has also been around for some time, as sales of physical albums decline. If artists could sell a t-shirt that came with an instant download, or even a vinyl copy, it bolstered their status in the charts and counted as album sales (at least until Billboard changed the rules). So, for artists, promotional products are even more important than just items to store the merch table.

For Pokemon, the addition of big names like Katy Perry attracts fans who otherwise might not have thought of buying a Pikachu t-shirt. But if you put “Katy Perry” on it, and suddenly it’s a t-shirt that matches the theme of the clip, it sells.

However, Pokemon doesn’t need a lot of help selling its P25 promotions, at least considering the Pokemon cards it sent to McDonalds restaurants, which ended up on eBay by the box full.