Music videos

Spotify appears to confirm reports of exclusive music videos, documentaries and video series coming to the streaming service

According to a post from Spotify Support, they will soon be adding exclusive music videos, documentaries, and video series to desktop, mobile, and tablet apps.

In June, we reported that Spotify might add music videos, thanks to source code found by Jane Wong showing a video player. According to the details, the now playing screen of Spotify would show options to show regular album art, Spotify Canvas or Video.

Although there is still no official announcement, this feature could arrive sooner than expected. This time the details are straight out of the horse’s mouth, specifically a Spotify public support page which says “Watch exclusive music videos, documentaries and video series, all from the Spotify app”. The page shows how to find videos, other video options and that this feature will be available on desktop, iOS and Android, the latter two apparently only supporting Premium users.

This page has been floating around the internet for about a week now, so it’s clear that Spotify isn’t interested in covering up its “mistake(?)”.

Spotify has undoubtedly seen YouTube Music (backed by its gargantuan library of YouTube music videos) grow its subscriber base significantly since Google Play Music announced they would shut down by the end of the year. YouTube Music isn’t the only platform using music videos, with new competition from Facebook, Apple Music and Amazon Music Unlimited.

This won’t be Spotify’s first journey into video, with video podcasts coming to their service in July.