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Shehnai, Music Bands May Be Among 50 Guests At Kolhapur | Kolhapur News

KOLHAPUR: Wedding venues in Kolhapur will echo the traditional “shehnai” played by professionals or the latest Bollywood acts sung by groups, provided the number of guests is reduced to accommodate these musicians in the list of 50 people attending a wedding.
The district administration issued the authorization, as well as the condition, in this regard following a performance by the group operators and an appeal by Kolhapur MP Chandrakant Jadhav that the musicians were having difficulty reaching making ends meet due to the lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic.
In recent weeks, many weddings have taken place in the neighborhood with a limited number of guests. The 50 participants in a wedding include the priest and the caterers. Shehnai or Wajantri groups were not allowed.
Groups get the contract to play traditional music at weddings when the groom arrives and when the bride leaves the wedding hall for her in-laws’ house.
Chandrakant Jadhav had urged district collector Daulat Desai to allow the musicians as they were unemployed and had no other means of subsistence during the lockdown.
In addition, the wedding planners were seeking permission to play the Shehnai band because without it they believed that an essential element was missing from the function of the wedding.
“A specific community called ‘Ghadshi’ has the honor of playing the shehnai at weddings. However, they were out of work due to the restrictions. The administration has now allowed the group to perform in marriage functions with conditions, including social distancing. The district administration saved the livelihoods of the band workers and also maintained the traditions, ”Jadhav said.
Lawmakers have said wedding planners must ensure that no more than 50 people, including musicians, are allowed to attend the wedding.
“Now that groups are allowed in weddings, there will be restrictions on the ‘baraat’ (the groom’s wedding procession) as it may not provide social distancing,” Jadhav added.

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