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Set stars !! Basic, music apps launch on Sunday – News


The official Twitter account of Happy elements KK Ensemble Stars! franchise announced on Saturday that the Set stars !! Basic and Set stars !! Music applications are launched on Sunday.

The two Set stars !! (with two exclamation marks) the applications offer new content for the idol franchise as well as a new style of play. The main one Ensemble Stars! the game changes its name to Set stars !! Basic with the Sunday launch. The “Basic” app will allow players to continue playing the app as they always have.

On the other hand, the new Set stars !! Music The app will feature a new style of rhythm play. Both apps were originally slated to launch last year, then slated to launch on March 9 before launching on Sunday.

The original “idol training production game” is set in a private boy idol training school with a history of many top performing talents. The protagonist is the only student in the school who transfers to the school due to a special situation and enters the school’s producing department. The game features eight different idol units and has over 30 male actors.

The animated adaptation of the game premiered last July. The game’s cast has returned for the anime. The franchise also includes manga, novels, stage musical adaptations, and CDs.

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