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Rock + metal songs have the fewest car clips, study says


Compared to other popular music genres, rock and metal music videos contain the fewest automobiles, according to a new study from shopping comparison site

But the resulting report does not specify exactly which music videos were considered to reach this conclusion. Still, he explains his overall methodology by selecting an assortment of videos based on popularity and sifting through the vehicle’s stats on-screen. Still, you have to wonder what videos have been watched. “I can’t drive 55” from Sammy Hagar? “Karma police? “From Radiohead” Give Me All Your Love “from ZZ Top? Cars?

Unsurprisingly, the survey reportedly showed that 76% of hip-hop videos feature cars, making it the most crowded genre of cars. Rock and metal videos have the “lowest percentage of any genre seen,” with just 32 percent featuring cars, he found. Another possible no-surprise, he speculated that country videos contain more vans than any other genre.

And when there are cars in rock videos, the study adds, Cadillac and Chevrolet convertibles predominate. And the top two colors of cars in rock videos are black and white. A bus is allegedly the most popular non-motor vehicle. Bon Jovi apparently has the rockiest videos with cars, at least clips reviewed. The band’s “In My Life” obviously has the most cars among the rock videos.

“Music has been synonymous with cars since the advent of motor vehicles,” the report said. The Beach Boys sang about them, and modern country music has built an empire by telling stories [with] vans. “

He continues, “Since the introduction of music videos in the early 1980s, cars have played a major role in the visual aspects of a song’s promotion.” Here I Go Again “by Whitesnake is just one of them. one… with a memorable car scene. “

The study used a small sample of 250 music videos that were viewed and followed for appearances of cars, trucks, and other vehicles. Video picks were picked from playlists and YouTube listings in posts including Loudwire. “Better information could come from a larger package,” the study concluded.

How many rock and metal videos can you think of that contain cars or trucks?

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