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Music: Bands like Metallica and Tool use dogs to detect coronavirus

Groups like Metallica and Tool are now using dogs to detect coronavirus

The latest concert must-have: the sniffing dogs of the Covid. Groups like METALLIC, TOOL, and BLACK KEYS used dogs to find traces of the virus in their crew, those around them and anyone else who goes behind the scenes.

The management company of Metallica said, and I quote: “So far, touch wood, the dogs have taken it out of the park… We haven’t had any dogs that anyone misses.”

There are currently 12 dogs trained and working via K9 bio-detection, and more are in the process of being trained. They’re sniffing people’s hands and feet, and now with the new variant, they’ll be sniffing masks.

The company not only claims that they are faster and cheaper than a regular test, but that they are also more user-friendly. A dog test costs around $ 2 per person.

The only downside for groups is that they can’t get too close to the dogs as it will throw them off balance.

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Jack White Presents Video and Provides Tour / Album Details

Jack White has announced two new solo albums “Fear of the Dawn” and “Entering Heaven Alive”, which will be released on April 8 and July 22, respectively. He hasn’t talked much about the albums until now. He released a self-made live video for his single, “Taking Me Back”, the song he debuted during his “SNL” performance in October.

White shares that dropping the video was actually their willingness to “kill a few birds with one stone. People keep asking who will be in the group,” he said, saying he was “nice to let people see who it is, and as rehearsals start for the tour, filming and recording something to see how it sounds – let’s do all of that at the same time. He also announced that he Another single would be released next week from “Fear of the Dawn”.

White has announced a tour in 2022 and now he’s giving us more information. “It’s a quartet. So it’s gonna be really cool because we can do some really punchy stuff, and then also some really sweet acoustic numbers or even whole sets with this team. And they’re just such improvisational musicians. ”He also shared that“ not much is off limits ”explaining that whatever he was the singer or lead songwriter for is fair play. think we ended up having over 80 of them the last time I was on the road… I haven’t used a setlist for 20 years, ”he said.

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Muse announces new single

Muse announced a new single, “Won’t Stand Down”, sharing a teaser on social media. The song will be released on Thursday, January 13th. But, the leader Matt Bellamy already disclosed part of the song during an Insta live during the holidays where he was playing the song on his car stereo.

The artwork they shared for the song is quite dark, with a hooded priest-like figure, wearing a mask, lurking in the shadows. This is the first teaser we have for the band’s follow-up album “Simulation Theory” from 2018. Muse included a link in his Tweet where fans can pre-record the song on their streaming service.

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