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In ambitious clips from Jungle’s new album


Jungle is back with a dance-packed video pack for their third album. The collective’s Josh Lloyd-Watson and co-director Charlie Di Placido explain the intensive process of making the choreographed one-shot videos, which were all shot in just five days.

Seven years ago, Jungle released their self-titled debut LP and the sound that defines the band: a delightful mix of falsetto vocals, funky licks and irresistible hooks. Over time, Jungle as an entity has evolved from founding duo Josh Lloyd-Watson and Tom McFarland to represent a collective populated by a rotating cast of singers, musicians and creatives who help bring their vision to life.

The band’s first official music video featured a small but mighty B-Girl ripping the floor to the sound of Platoon, which they followed with videos featuring British roller-skating duo High Rollaz (The Heat), footage choreographed group (Busy Earnin ‘) and two middle-aged men struck by the urge to hit the dance floor (Time). Directed by Lloyd-Watson and Oliver Hadlee Perch, the promos were absolutely fascinating.

The videos for Jungle’s second album, For Ever, again produced by Lloyd-Watson and Charlie Di Placido, put the central duo of the group a little more prominent. However, they also incorporated a handful of dancers who made regular appearances – some of whom (mainly Mette Linturi and Che Jones) returned to cover the story in the new album Loving In Stereo, a feel-good record that follows. a spiritual journey of growth.

Music video on the creative process


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