Music videos

Famous music videos filmed in Michigan

(Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for MTV)

Michigan is home to some great musicians, so it’s no surprise that the state has also served as the backdrop for a range of impressive music videos. From Bob Seger to Eminem, many artists from Mitten have shown their Michigan pride by filming music videos in the scenic state.

A music video shot in Michigan that is close to my heart is “This Goes Out to You” by POD. The video was shot in Lansing, Michigan, and uses live footage from the band’s 2015 performance at the Common Ground Music Festival alongside Three Days Grace, Finger Eleven and All That Remains. I was in the crowd and in the photo pit but I don’t see myself in the video. I interviewed the band before the gig though, so I have good memories of that night overall. I think the video turned out great too, and really captures the energy of the band live.

On the more classic side of things, Bob Seger shot the music video for “Detroit Made”, well, in Detroit. Would you expect less? The video was shot during Detroit’s Woodward Dream Cruise, the city’s annual hot rod parade, and features footage of classic rides. It’s a really cool video.

Of course, many other famous musicians have shot their music videos in Michigan. Read on for a list of 15 in a variety of genres, from rock to hip-hop to country. You might be surprised by some of them, and it’s certainly fun to watch the videos and recognize familiar places in them.