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Echoes Project synchronizes Telugu music groups with the public

Platform Live Stream Synchronized Concerts Bringing Telugu Musical Performances Home

Sound engineer Tummala Abhyuday and his percussionist friend Sai Teja, founder of the group Capricio, missed the live music experience during this pandemic. “Virtual concerts have taken place, but nothing matches the excitement of a live concert. It is about the experience; musicians performing on a stage adorned with laser lights; and the audience enjoying drinks and music. The applause and the thrill create a beautiful evening, ”said the duo. They were also concerned about the state of the Telugu music scene after the pandemic, which had peaked in recent years. While a performance in a crowded auditorium is now nearly impossible, they decided to create a live music experience in the form of Echoes Project, a platform they founded for synchronized live performances featuring various musicians.

Synchronized live concerts

Tummala Abhuday

Teja discussed the concept with Abhyuday, who has worked on films. Abhyuday explains, “These are synchronized live concerts. Unlike a virtual concert, these concerts give music lovers the impression of watching a concert live on stage. Some live streams cannot broadcast this experience. Virtual concerts on Facebook or Instagram use a cell phone’s microphone and camera to go live. We have devised a technique whereby audio and video quality is translated to the highest format available. Our audio and video digitizing setup helps create audio and video from multiple inputs (audio is mixed by a team of engineers) and is edited on the fly during a live performance. It is then broadcast on a social media platform, private video conferencing platform, or multiple platforms simultaneously. “

The duo bet (₹ 50k) for Capricio’s first concert which drew 3,000 people and after the show, garnered 27K views. Vocalist Chinmayi and Telugu Merakee music group have performed for the virtual show so far. The first two shows were at the Moonshine Project and the team has now set up a unique setting at 788 Avenue in Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad. The audio and video team including Satya Chaithanya and Kraftsmen Media. The singer Usha’s show that was also scheduled has since been rescheduled. “We are concerned about the health of SP Balasubrahmanyam garu and have decided to suspend these concerts for a while,” Abhyuday shares.

Sai Teja, Capricio founder

None of the musicians they’ve approached so far have charged anything. Calling this a unique opportunity for bands to stay in touch with fans, Teja adds: “We are happy that some artists have supported us, but not all musicians. They are eager to do these shows but are pulling out due to money issues. They need to support each other and collaborate to grow together. Ours is a new business and we cannot pay.

Abhyuday clarifies: “The musicians are not able to see the business model of these concerts. The team that works for the live concerts also work here – the people who set up the stage, the lights and the props. By supporting streaming, musicians are also supporting these guys and the live industry. It is also a good way for bands to keep in touch with their fans and a way to show their talent to music companies.

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