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Concerts at Ruth Pretty Catering’s Winter Lunches will help buy musical instruments


Freddy Sayer, left, and Pierre Lange-Gerrard will perform at Ruth Pretty Catering in Te Horo.

Two young people perform at a renowned restaurant business to raise funds for a music program close to their hearts.

Freddy Sayer, who attends ÅŒtaki College, and Pierre Lange-Gerrard, of Te Horo School, have long been part of The Afterschool Music Program, based at ÅŒtaki College.

The non-profit music learning program is run as a valuable community service led by Carylann Martin and assisted by other local music teachers.

It aims to provide an affordable music program for primary-age children in the wider ÅŒtaki region.

The music program has been in existence for 11 years and has always been supported by ÅŒtaki College and Head of Music, Joanna Devane.

Ruth Pretty Catering in Te Horo again offered the boys the chance to fundraise for a local music / arts cause.

The boys, both 13, decided to raise money for new instruments for The Afterschool Music Program.

“It’s something that they both witnessed and they think they could really support it,” said Angel, Freddy’s mother.

Pierre is still in the music program and Freddy is now in training to be Carylann Martin’s assistant on the music program keys.

The boys, whose stage name is The Pretty Boys, were allowed on Friday afternoons by their respective directors to perform at the restaurant company’s Friday Frolics, an annual winter menu on the menu in July and August.

They know the venue well having performed there for the past two years, where they have raised enough funds to help their school theater group make it to the Junior Theater Celebration in Auckland both years.

The boys will play a music ensemble (busk) at both lunch sessions while diners will enjoy a delicious two-course meal.


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