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If you had told someone ten years ago that millions of songs would be at your fingertips, most people would have said it was nothing but a scene from a science movie – fiction! But as iOS and Android developed and smartphones became a mainstream product, music apps also started to evolve. Today there are thousands of music apps offering millions of free songs!

Now, if you are a music enthusiast and take quality and variety very seriously, you might run into some trouble downloading a music app. This is mainly because while there are many music apps listed on Google Play Store and Apple App Store, most of them are nothing but a sham. They give access to a few songs, ask for too many permissions, and have an overloaded user interface.

To make sure you choose an app that nourishes the musician in you, we’ve put together a list of the ten best music apps. The screening was done taking into account their user base, reviews and user interface. Here is an overview of our list.

With tens of millions of downloads and a 4.5+ rating on iOS and Android platforms, Spotify is hands down the most popular music app in the world! Powered by stellar music discovery algorithm and sleek user interface, Spotify ensures that your music streaming experience is enjoyable.

If you go for their freemium version, you might have to put up with a lot of pesky ads. However, given their crystal-clear audio quality, a music library of nearly 75 million songs, and tons of podcasts, the pros clearly outweigh the cons! But if you go with their paid subscription model, say goodbye to ads! All in all, Spotify would let you groove on your songs anytime and anywhere.

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Amazon Prime Music

First, the Amazon Prime Music app tags with Prime Video. So if you have a Prime membership, you can stream and download millions of songs from Prime Music without any ads! A key feature of this music app is that it offers songs in over ten languages ​​including English, Hindi, Tamil, Marathi, and Punjabi. This means that you can now experience songs from different cultures seamlessly.

Amazon Prime Music also comes with built-in integration with Alexa, allowing you to use the app hands-free. In addition to songs, the app also has a rich library of podcasts, making it an all-in-one solution for your audio streaming needs. You can even use the app for offline listening as you can download music from the app and store it in your local memory. Apart from that, some of its other notable features are smooth user interface and clear audio quality.

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Gaana Music

Gaana Music has dominated the Indian music streaming industry for the past decade with a whopping 200 million monthly active user base. The reason for its popularity? Its HD streaming setting, lyrics, video clips and, most importantly, a library of 45 million songs!

The app has carved out a name for itself in this highly competitive space due to several innovative features. This includes a Song Finder, which can be used to identify the name of a song being played near you, a built-in voice assistant for seamless operations, and a unique reward system that credits you with Gaana Coins, which can be used later. . to benefit from discounts in restaurants and other services! It offers both free and subscription models, but rest assured, the app offers the perfect streaming experience regardless of which option you choose.

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Over the years, SoundCloud has become the home of all the emerging artists in the world. The app has become a genuine global music platform where singers and artists can connect with their fans without any hassle.

SoundCloud harnesses the power of machine learning algorithms to ensure its song suggestions are accurate and up to date. Moreover, if you like to listen to songs in English then the app must be your one stop destination as it offers endless number of songs from established and emerging artists. It has a pool of artists of over 20 million, which says a lot about its diversity and quality.

In addition to these features, the SoundCloud app also allows you to access personalized playlists and share your favorite tracks on social media platforms.

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Apple Music

If you are or have been an Apple user at any point in time, you should already know that the Apple Music app spares no effort to provide a flawless streaming experience. With a library of over 75 million songs, Apple Music brings you closer to the songs, albums, and artists you love.

This music app features time-synchronized lyrics that let you sing along perfectly without error! But the feature that sets it apart from other music apps is that you can find any song just by typing its lyrics into the search box. This function is perfect for situations where you only remember the chorus! Apple Music is free to new users for the first three months, and thereafter it is a subscription model. However, keeping in mind the ad-free and diverse content it has to offer, it would be worth it!

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Youtube music

YouTube is where the world is! With over 400 hours of videos uploaded to the search engine every minute, YouTube is arguably the world’s leading digital video consumer platform. After achieving this feat, it also established itself in the audio streaming arena, and that’s where YouTube music comes in!

YouTube Music has over 70 million songs, including live performances, covers, remixes, and music content you can’t find elsewhere. The app can create personalized playlists and mixes for you, depending on the type of music you listen to each day. Moreover, for those of you who love to sing along, the app also offers song lyrics. Besides these features, you can also seamlessly switch between audio and video and play music in the background (only available for premium users).

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JioSaavn has become a household name in India as it was one of the first music streaming apps in the country. By giving you full access to its endless music library, the JioSaavn app can be used for all occasions, ranging from parties to birthdays, weddings, and more! But the app offers more than just songs. It also allows you to listen to many podcasts and shows associated with Saavn Originals.

You can even create your own custom playlists on this music app and if you’re in the mood for radio, the app has a provision for that too! It has several online radios listed, which are segmented by artist, mood, and genre. Powered by a beautiful and intuitive user interface, which also features a 3D touch and dark mode, the app is a dream to navigate!

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With a massive user base and stellar reviews, Resso ticks all the boxes to be one of the best music apps out there. With this music app, you can listen to over 50 million songs in Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi and many more languages! It is the perfect app for those who love to listen to songs as it lets you explore music from a wide range of playlists, which have been organized to match every mood and genre.

Streaming every song in high quality, its sound is crisp, crisp and hits every chord. Moreover, since it has synced the lyrics of your favorite songs, you can understand every line and word effortlessly. In addition to these features, it also incorporates personalized recommendations, a lyric lock screen, and an intuitive user interface.

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Coca Studio

For those of you who are avid listeners of independent Hindi songs, you should be aware of the impact Coke Studio has had in the industry. Collaborating with some of the most legendary artists to date, Coke Studio has released various hits that have left the entire nation in awe!

The Coke Studio app has a seamless user interface, which allows you to effortlessly navigate the different sections. It comes with a unique lyrics screen which can display the lyrics of a song in different languages. Plus, it divides its huge library of songs into different genres and moods, such as emotional, happy, and nostalgic, to make sure you always have a song to play for every opportunity. Overall, Coke Studio is one of the best music apps on App and Play Store.

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Hungama music

This is another veteran music app on our list, and if you want your old classics, international jams, and Indian songs in one place, then this should be the perfect fit for you! Featuring an online radio section, the app also lets you enjoy live and on-demand channels, which have been explicitly curated to meet your needs.

Hungama Music even has its own dynamic lyrics for different songs through which you can be synced with your favorite tracks. The music app also has a reward system that allows you to earn points, as you share songs and watch videos. Once you’ve accumulated enough of these points, you can redeem them all for exclusive offers on merchandise and more!

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