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Best music apps for Xbox One

When the Xbox One debuted in 2013, Microsoft focused on its goal as an “all-in-one” hub for home entertainment. While over time the console’s focus shifted to its gaming roots, the breadth of the platform is still evident to this day.

Some major changes have been made to the Xbox One since its launch, one of them being the unification of the Xbox Store with its Windows counterpart. A compelling range of music apps have debuted on the console, offering their services as the backdrop to your gaming experience. We’ve rounded up the best music apps available on Xbox One today, all of which take advantage of playing audio in the background.

How to Play Background Music and Audio on Xbox One


One of the world’s leading music streaming services is finally available on Xbox One! Similar in nature to its PlayStation 4 counterpart, the Spotify app offers full access to its extensive catalog of music, while leveraging the service’s defining features.

Spotify for Xbox can be used by both free users and those subscribed to the Premium service. Throughout the Xbox app, Premium users get the same benefits expected from other platforms, including full playback control, no ads, and support for Spotify Connect technology. Even better, Spotify also takes advantage of Xbox One’s background music playback to complement your gaming experiences. As one of the most popular services on the market today, Spotify is a great way to Instantly bring your existing collection into the living room.

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sound cloud

Soundcloud is a community-driven music platform designed to accommodate both established musicians and aspiring musicians. Blending features of a streaming service and a social network, the service makes it easy for creators to upload their own tracks and share them across the world. Also providing tools to discover and interact with artists on a more personal level, Soundcloud brings together a community unlike any other service.

With official Xbox One and Windows 10 apps recently added to the lineup, both platforms now have direct access to Soundcloud’s network of creators and music on offer. With options to filter your “Stream”, search for specific artists or find new music entirely, the Xbox One app now encapsulates the core offerings of the Soundcloud experience.

By logging into your account, your music can also be taken on the go, with content automatically syncing between your devices. Even better, the app also supports background music for Xbox One, providing the ability to listen to your library alongside the latest game releases.

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Groove Music

If you’re looking for a music app built from the ground up with Xbox One in mind, Groove Music is hard to beat. Microsoft’s in-house music streaming platform has established itself in the company’s ecosystem in recent years and has become tightly integrated with its devices. After fully embracing the Universal Windows Platform, you’ll get a premium Groove Music experience that essentially matches its Windows 10 counterpart.

Although its actual music offerings can sometimes be limited compared to other major services, Groove still offers millions of the latest hits and classics. Plus, if a track you’re looking for isn’t available through Groove Music, any MP3 version can be uploaded to your OneDrive cloud storage and streamed over the internet. Groove Music also supports background audio on Xbox One.

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“MyTube!” is an app that perfectly showcases the power of Universal Windows apps, embracing some of the platform’s best features. While YouTube has seemingly abandoned its Xbox One efforts, MyTube! is a streamlined third-party solution that outperforms the official app in almost every way. After a $0.99 purchase, MyTube provides access to YouTube’s core video playback and community features, through a simple interface designed for Xbox One.

But why are we including this in a music app? MyTube also takes advantage of the background audio feature, allowing audio to continue playing after exiting the app. Although official YouTube apps prevent this outside of a YouTube Red subscription, Xbox One users can take advantage of this feature for free. Simply queue up a playlist of videos, start a game, and browse your favorite tracks.

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Pandora has managed to lose ground as a competitive music streaming service in recent years. However, he still offers a wide range of music to his listeners. With basic music streaming and an advanced set of recommendation features, the service stands out from its competition with a few small but unique features. While services like Apple Music and Spotify are generally considered market leaders, Pandora is one of the few services with a universal app designed specifically for Xbox One.

Although Pandora only offers its services in the United States, Australia, and New Zealand, the Xbox One app is a great way to continue your gaming experience. Other services can definitely provide a greater deal. of tracks, but the app should still be welcome with existing subscriptions. The app also supports Xbox One background audio, to continue your in-game tracks.

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mood flow

Moodflow isn’t your traditional music app but stands out with a unique idea at its heart. As the name suggests, Moodflow curates playlists of mixed genres, based on your chosen mood. Using Soundcloud to stream its tracks, the app is a great way to discover new songs and artists in a rather unconventional way. Although you have to pay $1.99 to unlock unlimited skips per day, its concept alone may be appealing to avid music fans.

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Updated August 16, 2017: Added the latest addition to the Xbox One music scene, Spotify.

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