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Best Indian Musical Instruments To Learn On Amazon India


If you are looking to start a career or hobby in music, you may want to try your hand at Indian musical instruments first. Why? Well, Indian musical instruments not only focus on developing your coordination skills, but also play an important role in preparing for advanced tuning with ragas. If you are looking for Indian musical instruments that you could start with, you must try the basic instruments, such as the tabla, harmonium, or tambourines. But before you buy them, make sure that they have a sturdy construction and that they are made from materials that support the sound quality. Here are some great Indian musical instrument options on Amazon:

Surjan Singh & Sons Brass Tabla Set

The Surjan Singh & Sons Brass Tabla Set has been designed with high quality brass which ensures that the sound quality coming from the tabla is rich and clear. The bayan of this tabla set is painstakingly designed to give a rustic look, and thanks to its Kacha Pakka Sheesham wood, it gives a strong sound quality. The Surjan Singh & Sons Brass Tabla Set can be tuned to the C # and D # ranges, meaning it would respond to all notes in perfect ratio. The tabla set comes with a hammer which will help you tune the tablas from time to time. With good sound quality and solid construction, this tabla set would be a great start to your Indian musical journey!

BOOMBOX Professional Play Dafli or Tambourine

The BOOMBOX Professional Play Dafli or Tambourine has a strong fiber body which not only helps to make the instrument sound louder, but also to make it more durable. Circular in shape, its jingles or zills are made from high quality brass, which ensures that the sound is bright and jangly as it should be. The BOOMBOX Professional Play Dafli is also light, easy to carry and comfortable to hold. This means that you will have no problem playing the instrument for longer periods of time. Also, since it is a 10 inch tambourine, you can easily play it without straining your wrists.

DronaIndia Hand Percussion Cymbals Jhika

The DronaIndia Hand Percussion Cymbals Jhika is a musical instrument handmade by artisans in Uttar Pradesh. Offering an authentic sound experience, this Kartal or Jhika hand features a sturdy wooden frame made up of two long straight handles. Fitted with chrome-plated brass, which is placed between the spaces, the DronaIndia Jhika hand percussion cymbals give a melodic, jangly and brilliant sound. It comes in a classic wood polish which gives the musical instrument a refined and rustic finish. Since a Jhika is supposed to move continuously, it must be durable, and DronaIndia Jhika Hand Percussion Cymbals also meet this criterion, thanks to its solid wood base.

Xoz 9 Total Wood Harmonium

The Xoz 9 Total Wood Harmonium can fold into a suitcase shape, which makes it portable and easy to handle. This harmonium is durable and produces fine notes perfectly, thanks to its premium wood construction. It can offer stage performance with its 9 caps, 42 keys – 2 readings and 440 melodies. The stops allow you to control the air volume of each set of reeds, giving you full control over your music. Its tuning has a standard height of 440 which allows it to meet most of your needs. It weighs 10.5-11.0 kilograms, which makes it lightweight compared to other harmoniums on the market.


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