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Bengaluru, the only Indian city to host the best musical groups: Manoviraj Khosla

By Smitabalram Kumar

A candid conversation with the fashion designer about what makes Bangalore his favorite city. Khosla says he would definitely remove the 11pm weekday deadline.

If you were the dictator of Bengaluru, what would be the first thing you would do?

I would build Bangalore as an international city that is not dirty and does not close. First I would make good roads and clean Bangalore. And then, I would definitely remove the 23 hour deadline imposed on weekdays here. Why should a city have a calendar! People are wise enough to know where to draw the line. We can’t party every day until 5 a.m. We all work !.

What makes Bangalore vibrate?

It is only the people of Bengaluru who make the city vibrate. The infrastructure in this city is far too normal.

What is your favorite time in Bangalore?

A Bengaluru has played the venue for several prominent music concerts. These concerts are my favorite times in Bengaluru. Only our city in India has performed on stage for all the best bands in the world. We’ve had some memorable shows from Pink Floyd, Elton John, and Rolling Stones.

Who is your favorite Bengalurian? Why?

My favorite Bengalurean has to be businesswoman Kiran Mazumdar Shaw because she pushes for it. good things. She continued to extend the 1 a.m. time limit and did so. In addition to running a very prosperous business, she actively participates in the development of this city.

If I could, I would make Kiran the chief minister of Bangalore. We would have an excellent infrastructure and would never face tragedies like the recent investigation into the death of an IAS officer. Moreover, Kiran is apolitical.

If not Bangalore, which city? And why?

I would live in Delhi because it is a vibrant city in all aspects of culture, in terms of design and good infrastructure as well. It is the fashion capital of India. Delhi is ten times more weight than Bengaluru. Goa is beautiful too. It’s great for a vacation but I don’t think I want to live there.

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