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Artiphon Orba users can now create augmented music videos with the free Orbacam app


Artiphon, the creator of Orba, has released Orbacam, a free companion app for the portable music device.

After connecting your phone to your Orba device, Artiphon says you can effortlessly “create a musical selfie on the go, add a meditative tone to your morning coffee, or compose the orchestral score for the sunset in real time.” Whatever your intention, the colorful video you make will automatically sync with the sounds you trigger on Orba.

Orbacam allows you to switch between Drum, Bass, Chord, and Lead modes on Orba. Sounds and visual effects are printed directly onto the video, without any post-production. What’s more, you can easily record audio from your phone’s microphone to layer vocals over your beats, shoot videos while you play live, and import videos and photos from your phone to add them to the beat. soundtrack.

Artiphon developed Orbacam after seeing thousands of videos created by Orba players. The brand wanted to create a tool that could make Orba video creation more engaging, without a complicated process. See Orbacam in action below.

“We believe music is always a multisensory experience, and we designed Orbacam as an auditory, visual and tactile experience that anyone can play immediately,” said Artiphon Founder and CEO Mike Butera. “We’ve seen the power of syncing music with social content, but almost all of it is just pasting someone else’s song onto your video. Now people can create music videos that are all their own. “

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