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AKMU will release 7 music videos; Get ready for “NEXT EPISODE” with a new video trailer

AKMU fans, you’re in for a wild ride this month! On July 16, YG Entertainment revealed the duo’s plans to release seven music videos for their upcoming album ‘NEXT EPISODE’. The duo are set to release their collaboration album on July 26 with 7 different artists, each on one song. The group also released the video trailer for their album on YG Entertainment’s official YouTube channel on July 16 at midnight.

The 59-second music video trailer is a roller coaster ride from start to finish. It begins with a crystal man falling through a lush valley. This is the same crystal-bodied man who was seen in the “NEXT EPISODE” release announcement video.

AKMU member Lee Chanhyuk is seen sitting alone amidst a chaotic party around him. The scene cuts to a car accident, then to an old house. Member Lee Suhyun drops a tiny replica of the house and looks through the camera.

Further on, a man falls in a storm from an animated teacup, then into the water. An inverted Lee Suhyun twirls into the room, and the video ends with Lee Chanhyuk with a bloody face.

Check out the cinematic video below.

Earlier, the The collaboration album tracklist has been shared, which revealed the legendary album that is about to be released from AKMU. Their title track “Fall” will feature IU while others include “Warzone” featuring legendary singer Lee Sun Hee, “Bench” featuring Zion.T, “Tiktok Tiktok Tiktok” featuring Beenzino, “Contest” featuring Choi Jung Hoon by Jannabi, ‘Stupid Love Song’ with Crush and ‘Everest’ with Sam Kim. The music videos for all the songs will have their own theme, which will be released consecutively.

We’re so excited for all the music videos, there’s one for every song!

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Which song and its music video are you most excited for? Let us know below.