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“A crime against the whole community”: the stolen Martinez Junior High musical instruments


MARTINEZ (KRON) – When Connor Schwab picked up his baritone saxophone from the music room at Martinez Junior High on Friday morning, it was nowhere to be found.

“We generally feel pretty safe here, we are having a lot of fun,” he said. “I just got a little scared and panicked a little.”

“When we walked in they said someone had been here and I said I think so too,” Julianne George said.

George is the instrumental music director and said they quickly realized someone had broken into.

They took Schwab’s baritone sax, an alto sax, three amplifiers and an Eastman cello.

“It was horrible because the music in Martinez is kind of our lifeblood,” said George. “The citizens of Martinez bought all of these instruments for us. “

“It’s a wonderful, caring little community,” said high school music director Sara Stafford. “Hearing what happened in college was really sad. “

Stafford said it affects his students as well.

“She and I share all the instruments,” she said. “They are really specialized instruments. It’s not like flutes and clarinets that you can easily hide or throw away.

“It’s just overwhelming to know that someone who lives here and knows this school and this place here has come and picked up instruments,” Schwab said.

As Martinez PD investigates, the community also tries to help find and replace lost instruments.

“We have a great community and we are not going to be defined by the terrible actions of criminals,” said George.

“We won’t let this get us down,” Schwab said. ” We will continue. “

George said an order for completely new instruments would take between four and six months for them to arrive.

She just hopes whoever took them changes their mind and decides to give them back.


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