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5 video clips of Cinderella star Camila Cabello that prove she would be an eloquent actress


Camila Cabello is a unique personality when it comes to aiming for the higher notes. But before her debut as an actress, fans were also curious about her range as an actress! The soprano singer has proven time and time again that she has no competition when it comes to singing pop and R&B songs. performance of Cabello or not.

While a lot of people have their share of doubts about who would be the singer to play as Cinderella, after watching these clips all doubts would be gone in the blink of an eye, as Cabello really knows what it is to be dramatic and how to sincerely portray. characters with the right amount of sparkle in their eyes:

Don’t go yet

If you haven’t noticed anything except the powerful yet charming dance moves in this video, we suggest you watch it one more time! Camila Cabello’s latest hit, Don’t Go Yet, tops this list for all the right reasons. The actress not only succeeded with her belly dancing, but also with the myriad of expressions she had throughout the clip.

From aimlessly driving in her car to dancing wholeheartedly with the familia, the singer made no mistake, occasionally removing the once exasperated, once bored, once cheerful and once overjoyed girl. in the crazy house. This clip is enough proof that Cabello is not only powerful as a singer, but also as a lead actress!


The clip Camila dedicated to “dreamers” takes you to the moment in your life when you fell in love with someone for the first time. However, the clip’s elaborate storyline wouldn’t have been so popular if Cabello hadn’t put in the expressions and effort that his character Karla needed. Being the younger sister in a household where the older sister is literally the diva and the grandmother has concerns of her own, Karla knew she didn’t want to end up like one of them. Therefore, she found her own path, and in doing so, had the most perfect dance with the man of her dreams.

The clip is really what fairy tales are made of, and ahead of Cinderella’s release, it wouldn’t be too bad to see it again.

my oh my

“How bad can a good girl get?” – Looks like Camila Cabello had an answer to that in the music video for her popular track My Oh My. True to her own tradition of having a screenplay that concerns an actress who is aggrieved, Cabello didn’t just stick to the “damsel in distress” mode this time around, she fought for her rights instead. hold a sword in a movie as the main superhero! When Camila’s character meets another director who finally appreciates her for who she wants to be, the actress stars in La Bonita Blade, where she plays a supergirl dressed in bright red.

Cabello’s expressions, paired with the script and supporting cast, made the video one of our top picks.


A single woman falls in love with an extremely handsome and super adorable man? Looks like Taylor Swift entered the chat. But it is in fact Cabello and her boyfriend Shawn Mendes who truly described what it means to be in love while setting the dance floor on fire with their sultry bachata. As with every moment of the main character, Cabello finds himself mesmerized as she dances with a man she barely knows. However, what was really fun to watch was the chemistry they shared in the scenes and Camila’s sharp expressions that made the whole storyline even more intriguing. With this clip, Cabello definitely proved that she can pull off any character, and we couldn’t be prouder.


Liar has been one of Cabello’s more heartfelt projects, and it is clear from the clip. With the hilarious scenes, she explained to her fans how lying gets us nowhere, and we have to be honest about everything in our lives. In the first part of the song, Camila nails her “being in love” expression until she is tired of a selfish man. Cabello embraces himself and accepts his feelings in the last part of the song, which makes the clip really feel like a trip.

One of the main highlights of the video is when Cabello couldn’t lie to her boyfriend anymore and had to act like she was choking! Hilarious would be an understatement, as each scene in the video makes you laugh out loud, while really activating your senses to think about the negative effects of lying to yourself and others all the time.

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