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Luke Combs Takes Characters From Old Music Videos In Retro “Cold As You” – Y100 FM

Luc Combs tells a timeless story of grief, loneliness and finally new love in the music video for her current single, “Cold As You”. The clip follows a guy who was recently dumped as he sits at a restaurant counter, despondently sipping a drink and healing his heartache. As the video progresses, the situation improves: […]

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Fans can’t help but compare clips for Shawn Mendes ” Summer of Love ‘and Harry Styles’ ‘Golden’

Photo credit: YouTube Over the weekend, Shawn Mendes released the new music video for his latest track, “Summer of Love” and it’s three minutes of pure sunshine and fun as the singer and his friends enjoy a wonderful summer vacation. in the Balearic Islands, Spain. Some fans, however, felt the video’s vibes were familiar and […]

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Theft of musical instruments? How home insurance could help

We may receive payments from affiliate links included in this content. Our affiliate partners do not influence our opinions or editorial analysis. To learn more, see our Advertiser Disclosure. Your vintage grand piano and violin make your heart sing. But everything could turn bitter if something terrible happened to the instruments and they were not […]

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10 rock + metal music videos that couldn’t be made today

In recent years, society has become more and more open to the past transgressions of people and brands. Naturally, much of this involves re-evaluating and berating taboo imagery in entertainment. Among the main culprits of such objectionable material are rock and metal music videos. Simply put, they have often portrayed various acts of debauchery (whether […]

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Ice Breaking Films brings dynamism and creativity to music videos in Clarksville

The Ice Breaking Films team, from left, Richard Segoviano “Ricardo Rich”, Kevin Devonte Poe “Poeboy KP” and Adreol Jones. (Contributed) To overcome obstacles, you need relentless driving. To enter the atmosphere and make your dreams come true, you need escape speed. Clarksville videographer Kevin Devonte Poe, also known as “Poeboy KP,” has that drive and […]

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On this Independence Day, enjoy a series of music videos of 6 Sufi songs!

On Independence Day, Ultra Media & Entertainment Group will release “Sufi Rock Season I: An Ensemble Series of Melodious Music Videos of 6 Sufi Songs Compound & Sung with a Fusion of Rock Music”. Each video will be a unique blend of Sufi verses with moving, contemporary melodies using modern electronic equipment and techniques. The […]