Music bands

Soon, patriotic music groups will perform at IITs and other central universities across India.

[ad_1] Branches of the Indian Institute of Technology and other central universities will soon host “patriotic” music groups, under the new program of the Ministry of Human Resources Development “Yeh India Ka Time Hai”. The government has identified a few groups that will visit campuses and perform patriotic songs, especially Bollywood acts, at college shows, […]

Music bands

Value of intellectual property for music groups

[ad_1] Download the publication in PDF formatPrint this article Date of first publication: January 6, 2010 Potential intellectual property usually goes unnoticed by the tape itself, and the impact of it is usually only realized when it is infringed. Therefore, the protection of various intellectual properties becomes the epitome of the development and income generation […]

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Best music apps for Xbox One

When the Xbox One debuted in 2013, Microsoft focused on its goal as an “all-in-one” hub for home entertainment. While over time the console’s focus shifted to its gaming roots, the breadth of the platform is still evident to this day. Some major changes have been made to the Xbox One since its launch, one […]